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Practice Areas

Immigration and Citizenship

We provide consultations and direct representation on applications for legal immigrant and temporary protected status. Our services include Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) renewals, family petitions, green cards (permanent residency), humanitarian cases, and citizenship. Attorney Julie Flanders has over nine years of experience helping to resolve immigration dilemmas for individuals and families.

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Tax Planning and

Our team includes three certified public accountants: Gary Mathis, Dana Evans and Bryan Dome. Attorney Gary Mathis has over 40 years of tax law experience. Our services include tax return preparation for individuals, entities, and trusts. Our goal is to save you money by identifying available tax deductions and credits. We also assist for-profit and non-profit entities to comply with the regulations for their specific classification, allowing businesses to focus on their mission and goals.

Wills and Estate Planning


Your will or living trust provides the opportunity to distribute your property based on your wishes upon your death. We will help you identify and make important decisions, such as establishing care for your children, choosing the executor of your will, and planning for emergency health care decisions. Our services include Directive to Physicians, HIPAA Release, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Guardianships, Living Trusts, and more. 


Probate is the orderly method of distributing the assets of a deceased person following his or her death. Upon death, an application must be filed to open the estate in order to validate the will and to appoint an executor to distribute the assets. When there is no will, a more lengthy process is required. Our firm has the experience to guide you through every step of the process, including filing the probate application with the Court, giving  proper notice to the parties, paying debts, and distributing the assets.

Deeds and Real Estate


Our services include document preparation and contract review for real estate transactions. The type of transactions include sale and purchase of residential, commercial and farm and ranch property. 

Our attorneys can help guide you through the process, draft documents, and point out potential pitfalls in your transaction. 

Business Formation and Transactions

​No matter the type of business you are forming, we are here to help you plan the right organizational structure for your business. We will guide you through the necessary considerations such as taxation, liability, control, and management options. Types of businesses include sole proprietorships, limited partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. We also assist with key transactions such as sales and mergers.

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